Our Australian Made, B Corp Certified, BPA Free Reusable Coffee Cup Range

How Do Your Numbers Stack Up? 

We are committed to helping individuals and organisations reducing the worlds waste problem and curving our addiction to single-use products.

Did you know an ordinary non-reusable coffee cup takes 30 years to decompose?

Every day that you use your reusable cup, you reduce the amount of non-reusable cups piling up in landfill. 

This is why we have created the Uppercup Quiz.

Uppercup Quiz Waste Calculator

A waste calculator that allows you to quickly find out how many cups your organisation could save from landfill by using your reusable cup.
*Source: WWF Australia

Swap and Go reusable coffee cup, filled with a filter coffee and with a pink lid
Dalla Corte branded keep cup

Co-Branded Cups

We offer a unique branding capacity to make your Uppercup truly your own.

We have a wide range of branding options for small to large organisations.

We work with local printers to ensure your Uppercup's are perfect for Corporate Gifting, Events, Cafes, Gift Shops, Wholesaling or Swap+Go Programs.

Uppercup buy reusable cup

The Benefits of Uppercup: 

Uppercup Double Wall
Barista Designed Double Wall

Designed to keep your drink warm and your fingers cool. With a curved inner you can pour a perfect coffee every time. 

Tritan Coffee Cup Durable Coffee Cup
BPA & BPS Free

Premium quality material.
I'm made from BPA Free super durable Tritan Co-polymer.

Closed-loop Recycled Coffee Cup

The Closed-Loop Solution.
Return your old Uppercup to us clean at the end of life and we will recycle it and make a new Uppercup+. 

Australian made, B-Corp
Australian Made & B-Corp Certified

We are a female-led business.
Our reusable systems are made locally in Australia enabling us to employ & support women from a refugee background.

Swap + Go
Made To Order Products: 

Reusable Product Solutions.

We deliver tailored, reusable cup solutions for small to large organisations, cafes & facilities.

These solutions  remove  single-use cups from all areas within your event, head office or campus. 

We work with you to create the perfect partnered solution.

reusable product solutions
Uppercup drawing 12oz reusable coffee cup

Take the quiz to calculate your organisation's coffee cup waste.

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