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03/07/2020 4:19:00 PM / by Luke Marigliani

Corporate merchandise offers a fantastic marketing tool and a way for your brand to be exposed to the world through everyday products. Whether utilised for gifting, marketing events or in-house use, co-branding with the right product range can truly put your brand in great light with regard to social responsibility.

When you Co-Brand with 321 Water and Uppercup - two Australian made products that promote ethical and sustainable consumerism - here are a few key points that you will be supporting:

  • Australian local business and economics.
  • Reuse and recycle movement.
  • High quality products that your client base / employees will want to use.

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By procuring your corporate products and branded merchandise from an Australian owned, operated and manufactured company, you will be ensuring that the money you spend on the goods will stay in Australia and support the local economy.

From a corporate social responsibility standpoint, by aligning your company with sustainable procurement of products such as the Uppercup travel mug, you will be supporting the reuse movement sweeping across Australia and reflecting your company in a positive light for the environment.

In the world of promotional goods, the market has become saturated with low-cost imported products that have a short life and are usually not maintained by the receiver. With premium marketing goods such as Uppercup and 321 Water - which have won a number of international design awards - your promotional items will have a longer lifespan and have far greater exposure throughout their usage. Our sustainable eco-cups and reusable promotional mugs. 

Contact us today if you would like to speak with our branding and promotional team, or as a promotional company if you are interested in becoming a distributor of the range.

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Luke Marigliani

Written by Luke Marigliani