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Promotional Opportunities - Made in Melbourne!

12/03/2020 10:24:49 AM / by Luke Marigliani

As promotional products and branded goods continues to prove itself as a staple marketing tool for events and broad exposure, we are finding a positive shift towards higher quality products with a much greater impact on both your brand and the world. With an increase in corporate sustainability protocols and a widespread interest in waste minimisation globally, gimmicks such as branded pens and stress balls are considered to put your brand in negative light, whilst reusable coffee cups and water bottles particularly Australian Made, promote healthier lifestyle choices and the opportunity to contribute towards a cleaner planet.

Further to this, by procuring your corporate products and branded merchandise from an AustraliaMelba example -2n owned, operated and manufactured company, you will be ensuring that the money you spend on the goods will stay in Australia and support the local economy.

From a corporate social responsibility standpoint, by aligning your company with sustainable procurement of products such as the Uppercup travel mug, you will be supporting the reuse movement sweeping across Australia and reflecting your company in a positive light for the environment.

In the world of promotional goods, the market has in the past become saturated with low-cost @smallaxeimported products that have a short life and are usually not maintained by the receiver. With premium marketing goods such as Uppercup and 321 Water - which have won a number of international design awards - your Australian Made promotional items will have a longer lifespan and have far greater exposure throughout their usage.

321 Water and Uppercup are manufactured, packaged and printed all within a 25km radius. We are truly Made in Melbourne, Australia. We pride ourselves on manufacturing ethically and with high quality, long lasting materials. This means your brand will be aligned with a useful product that allows more exposure and a greater marketing impact.


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Luke Marigliani

Written by Luke Marigliani