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Sustainability at Uppercup

18/02/2020 9:13:50 AM / by Luke Marigliani

What does sustainability mean to us?

Here at Uppercup we maintain a sustainable business model in two key ways. One, we monitor our impact at every stage in the supply chain. Two, we have made a conscious effort to align ourselves with ethical and sustainable companies.


Our motto “pure clarity” stems from the recognised need for corporate transparency and simplicity on our path towards making an impact on our planet through responsible consumerism. We would love to share with you what sustainability really means to us.

First and foremost is our environmental concern.

Currently our world consumes approximately 1.6 times the earth’s natural capacity of resources each year. This means that we use more ecological resources and services than nature can regenerate[1]. This is by no means sustainable. It is a fundamental component of the Uppercup ethos that the environmental factors that often go unnoticed are made our priority. In getting a product from manufacturing to your door we monitor the footprint we are leaving.

Our chosen corporate partnerships and our labels are sustainable, they are designed to promote a small behavioural change, that as part of a collaborative effort will result in a big difference to the environmental and social status of society.


Our second standpoint is corporate responsibility.flora and fauna ethical shopping

Following on from our determination to make a quantifiable difference to our planet, is the recognition of how exceedingly significant a corporation’s role is in this pathway to large scale global benefits.

Corporate bodies can have a large influence to the way that consumerism trends flow. With this in mind we see an inherent responsibility on our behalf, to ensure that our practices are in line with a model that stands for environmentally and socially conscious ideals. This brings us back to our key philosophical motto - “pure clarity.”

The world is complex and dynamic and is increasingly consumer driven, when scanning the market for a particular product or service we are met with such confusion and lack of knowledge about the companies we are buying from. Uppercup recognises this and sees once again, the onus on corporations to disclose basic information about their environmental practice to ensure that consumers’ rights are met and that they are able to understand the impact of what they are purchasing.

When we talk about sustainability at Uppercup we are referring to a combination of the above Uppercup pink and black keep cupcomponents and the integration of these into the way we operate as a corporation.

We want you to have the best quality products with a guilt free environmental conscience!

We work hard at Uppercup to think about sustainable consumption so you can purchase or work with us on swap cup programs with peace of mind and know your participating in ethical shopping and projects.

Buying an eco cup like Keep Cup, Frank Green or our eco cups are Australian Made and are a great way to help the environment. 


Has this inspired you to take some action and take the right step towards sustainable living?

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Luke Marigliani

Written by Luke Marigliani