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Sustainability Meets Merchandise

21/07/2020 4:34:00 PM / by Luke Marigliani

Sustainability and merchandise are two words that are often considered enemies. In the past, event giveaways and general merchandise have been considered wasteful gimmicks that ultimately just end up in landfill days after a given event. 

Whilst there is still unfortunately a lot of wasteful merchandise at business style events, we are seeing a shift towards a more environmentally sustainable solution. Not only can you give away sustainable merchandise at your next conference, awards night, Christmas function etc., but you can align with brands that are making a difference in the world through the usage of their product.

Brands such as Uppercup and 321 Water, work off the model and ethos that collectively, everyone's small efforts of switching away from single use products to a more sustainable reusable model, will result in great change and positive impact.

co branded reusable coffee cup

Here are some reasons why using Uppercup and 321 Water as your next event giveaway and merchandise will benefit both your company and the environment:

1. Uppercup and 321 Water both offer award winning designs and work with leading printing partners to effectively put your companies logo at the forefront of consumers minds and look great whilst doing it.

2. You will be supporting the local economy and small business through the whole manufacturing and supply process. 321 Water and Uppercup operate, manufacture, brand and assemble all components of their products within a 30km radius here in Melbourne, Australia. This not only ensures the highest quality control but also upholds the highest sustainability practice.

3. Uppercup and 321 Water promotional products are known brands in the wider market. This means that your attendees will have a much easier platform to utilise the products into the future after the completion of the event. With your brand alongside the known brands of Uppercup and 321 Water the longevity of your marketing exercise is vastly improved.

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Luke Marigliani

Written by Luke Marigliani