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3 Key Signs You Should But a Reusable Coffee Cup

04/12/2019 10:36:13 AM / by Luke Marigliani posted in reusable coffee cup, keep cup


We are all trying to be more eco-friendly in our everyday life, but breaking old habits can sometimes be hard.  Since Keep Cup brought to market the first barista friendly reusable coffee cup, we have seen the development of the industry to make the shift as effortless as possible. Uppercup is an Australian made alternative to Keep Cup that with a stylish and designer edge can make ditching the paper cups a whole lot easier.

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BYO Reusable Coffee Keep Cups and Tea Cups

29/08/2019 2:26:00 PM / by Luke Marigliani posted in reusable coffee cup, keep cup

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When you order your next takeaway coffee, take a look around at the number of disposable cups that are flying out the door as society feeds their caffeine addiction.

Reusable coffee and tea cups are the solution to this growing waste problem that cities all over the world are struggling to keep up with.

By taking the plunge and remembering to bring your own tea or coffee cup to your café you are contributing to this growing movement of sustainable coffee consumption. 

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