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The Power of Ethical Shopping

07/02/2020 11:23:00 AM / by Luke Marigliani

Ethical Consumerism and it's True Potential

As a consumer amidst the current trend of flooded markets and such competition, it has become a normality to purchase purely on convenience and price point without an in depth knowledge of the impact purchasing habits can actually have.

Our world is seemingly run by big multinational corporations, when it is actually the individuals that should feel empowered. Consumerism is what tends to drive decision making in the corporate world and with socially and environmentally conscious purchasing trends the power shift is with society to make a real difference in the world. 

The growing demand for corporate transparency and an underlying knowledge of business practice has opened up a powerful potential in ethical consumerism.

To ponder a perfect world, where the entire supply chain process of a business fully incorporates the upholding of human rights and the longevity and sustainability of the environment, it becomes apparent how influential each individual product and sale on the market actually is.


The true cost of what we buy, from day to day goods to foods and clothes, stems from a long line of impacts, with little legislation in place to ensure minimisation of this. From the most optimistic point of view there is a simplistic solution, where corporations and consumers alike, begin to diminish the demand for unsustainable products and that the normality of consumerism becomes ethical centric.

This fundamentally needs to be expressed through the empowerment of global citizens. It is easy to feel insignificant in a world of 7.4 billion people, however the collective impact potential we have is far superior to that of any corporation. 

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When you find yourself trying to make an impact towards the betterment of society or our environment, think about how easy it can be to change your buying habits as the first point of action.


As you think about the superpowers in the realm of the fashion industry all the way through to supermarkets, they are only powerful because of their demand from consumers such as yourself and the sheer quantities of purchases they gain.

If we all took a moral standpoint and ceased to shop at large chains that may not follow an ethical practice, their business would either be forced to implement a system following the trend, i.e. environmental protocols or better worker’s rights, or alternatively they would lose income to the degree that their business would no longer be viable.

It’s as simple as that. This is where clarity of corporate operations and supply chain is necessary to ensure that the option is there for the empowerment of individual consumers to make purchasing decisions based on something more than convenience and price point. 

At Uppercup we work hard to be as sustainable and ethical in how we work as possible. This is one of the reasons we worked to become a B Corp. This was the next step for us after having the Australian Made certification. Companies such as ours and Keep Cup work to create a more sustainable future.

Consumerism is such a powerful tool for everyone to feel like a stakeholder in the planet and the actions that are made along a line of impacts that produce the goods we all live by. Next time you are shopping for anything, take a moment to think about how your purchase actually might have an influence and most importantly to feel empowered to make decisions about purchases based on a socially and environmentally conscious standpoint.


Luke Marigliani

Written by Luke Marigliani