Uppercup products are a sustainable & ethical option for corporate gifting, merchandise and brand. 

Uppercup is a certified B-Corporation and Australian Made and thoroughly thought out ethical supply chain to produce high quality and durable product range. 

Our reusable coffee cups and water bottles support companies looking for sustainable and meaningful alternatives when:

- Coffee shop looking for co-branding
- Boutique gifting for clients
- Events and merchandising
- Incentivising employees 

 Why choose us:

  1. Australian Made  & B-Corp certified products
  2. Customisable products with your brand's logo and colour scheme
  3. Designed and patent items 
  4. High quality, durable, BPA and BPS free material
  5. Dishwasher safe
  6. Being made in Australia we offer efficient lead times to dispatch
  7. Female-led business 
  8. Ethical and Sustainable products 
  9. The packaging is 100% recycled  
Uppercup, buy a reusable coffee cup

Uppercup was designed by a Melbourne based barista who wanted the perfect coffee cup.

The conical bottom is engineered to produce a perfectly poured coffee by distributing liquid ratios evenly & allowing the coffee's flavoursome aroma to be enjoyed.

The double-wall makes it perfect for tea drinkers and the drink will stay warm, while the outside is cool to touch, with no need for a protective sleeve.

Uppercup is made of the highest quality, BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester.

Uppercup won't retain smell and is dishwasher safe.Enquire Now

12oz black keep cup

Has the perfect solution not come up? Are you still trying to find an option that suits the needs of your company?

Speak to us about successfully transitioning to reusable product solutions. We understanding how you can finally balance market realities and your socially responsible strategic objectives.

Many companies struggle to remove single-use cups and food containers from their supply chain. Your organisation's strength is your willingness to adopt change and become a socially responsible citizen.

We find many organisation's "gifting items" rather than choosing a reusable systems-based approach.

We exist to help you achieve your targets and make it easier to navigate the process of removing single-use food and beverage containers from your supply chain.

We are your partners in creating a closed-loop solution.

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woolworths coffee cup
Little Oink cafe co branded reusable keep cup, pouring a beautiful coffee

Branding Options

Our range of reusable products are fully customisable. We offer a unique branding capacity to make the product truly your own.

We off a range of colour options to suit your specific marketing needs.

With a wide range of branding options, there is the perfect promotional solution for every type of cafe or organisation, ensuring long-lasting brand awareness. 

We work with local printers to ensure fast lead times on branded reusable cups. Printing locally also means that by working with Uppercup you are supporting local jobs and the Australian economy. 


Uppercup Range

We have a wide range of reusable products with the perfect size reusable cup for every drink. 

Size options: 

8 oz - Small (237ml) Great as a reusable latte cup

12 oz - Medium (355ml) Great as a reusable teacup

16 oz - Jumbo (473 ml) Great as a reusable iced-latte or smoothie cup


a wide range of reusable keep cups made in Australia

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