Example Printing

Printing Capacity

All of 321 Water and Uppercups manufacturing, production, assembly and printing is done within 35km radius in Melbourne, Australia.

We work with a leading printing partner that utilises the highest quality inks to appropriately represent your logo.

For 321 Water, we offer both a design print and a logo pad print.

The design option utilises a rotary screen that can wrap around the bottle to cover the full brandable space and allow for intricate designs.

The logo pad print option is a simple and effective way of placing your corporate logo directly onto the product in your desired location.

Uppercup co-branding uses a pad printing method that can incorporate up to 3 spot colours with clarity and longevity.


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Uppercup Specs

Uppercup's range of promotional mugs offer a Co-Branding option to your clients that will not only represent their brand in great light but also provide a premium drinkware product that is known in the market for quality and design.

Uppercup is available in 8oz and 12oz sizes to cover the most popular coffee orders across Australia.

By Pad printing directly onto the product with a dishwasher proof ink, your brand will be at the forefront of viewing and stand out amongst a crowd of cheaper imported products.



321 Water Specs

321 Water bottles are available with a plunge filter (as seen in the below video) or without. 

As an Australian manufactured premium product, the 321 Water bottle offers a durable product that has a wide capacity to brand and decorate. 

With a 500ml capacity, this product was designed to have minimal 321Water branding and truly put your client or your own logo at the forefront of the product.

The rotary screen can allow for intricate designs to be wrapped around the product whilst pad printing is a simple and effective logo printing option. 

By co-branding with 321Water, you have aligned your company with ethical and local manufacturing and presenting your brand with sustainability.