Hot or Cold

Uppercup's unique design means that it is perfect for everything from hot chocolate to iced coffee. 
The double wall will retain the temperature in the cup but it will maintain cool to touch on the outside. 


Proudly Australian Made

Our products and packaging are manufactured, packed and warehoused all within a 20km radius in Melbourne, Australia. 

This means they are made ethically and sustainably.

We employ women from a refugee background and ensure all of our staff are paid a working wage. 

This means you can purchase your Uppercup with peace of mind that it has been made both sustainably and locally. 

By choosing Uppercup, you are making a substantial contribution to eradicating single-use products & supporting Australian small business and jobs.  

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Eco-Friendly & Beautifully Designed

Looking for something a little different? Uppercup is the perfect eco cup for you. 
With the movement towards reusable cups, there are many great products on the market such as Frank Green, Joco and Keep Cup. 

According to the ABC "It is estimated Australians use 1 billion disposable coffee cups each year" - this is a staggering number. By switching to a reusable cup, we can collectively make a substantial impact. 

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