Uppercup+ Recycled Reusable cup

Did you know?

Less than 60% of your recycling waste is recycled.*

Meaning that even if you place something in a recycling bin, it will probably still end up in landfill. 

Our Hope: 

We make it easy for everyone to
Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

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A product that takes your old Uppercup & uses it to make a new Uppercup+

How Uppercup+ Works

Return your Uppercup
Return your Uppercup

At the end of its life, return your Uppercup to us clean.

Crush it uppercup
Crush it

Your old cup will be processed through our recycling facility.

Making uppercups in a machine
Make It

 We will take that material and use it to create an Uppercup+

Uppercup+ Logo

Your recycled Uppercup+ is now ready.

Lusty is committed to being a Zero Waste business. 

Being a certified B-Corporation we are committed to closing the loop and recycling your old Uppercup at the end of life.

Recycling old Uppercup's means that we have created a closed-loop solution, where old Uppercup's can be recycled & reused.

It is a closed-loop solution.

Your cup won’t end up in landfill but will be recycled locally & made into a new Uppercup+ ready to be used again.

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